Saturday, March 5, 2011

My, has it been forever.

I'm not going to explain away my absence. I'm in the Navy, it rules my life. What little time I have is slaved to the local Little League schedule. I wouldn't have it any other way. Instead, I will list some things that I love. Because I feel like it.

1) Coffee mugs. For a number of reasons. They're very collectible, and my fabulous husband cringes every time I lovingly poke one in a souvenir shop. Also, because I drink coffee. A lot of coffee. All day. And I eat cereal out of mugs. Almost never bowls. I love all kinds; old advertising mugs, handthrown pottery, huge heavy ones, little espresso cups, travel mugs. My current favorite is a NASA mug from Johnson Space Center. No surprise there. :)

2) Skin creams. I am NOT girly. My favorite coffee mug for the ship says "I'm no lady; I'm a chief!" I have been making grownup strides lately to dress my age. But I love expensive delicious smelling light floral skin cream. No idea why. I don't remember my mom using it (she always had Oil of Olay) and it doesn't really spark a memory. But let me in to L'Occitane or Crabtree&Evelyn and I will blow money fast.

3) My newest addiction is framing. I have been collecting pretty cool artwork for a while. Usually we just get a cheap frame and mat and hang it. While I was gone this last time, El Jefe got some prints and had them FRAMED. It made a world of difference. A world. I am addicted. I think I will go broke decorating if allowed to.

So theres some randomness for you. Lets hope I don't go two more years before I get wind enough to post again.