Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whew! Another weekend?

Where does it all go?

Well, I'm legit now - Sailor Jenny is registered with the County Of San Diego, and I have a bank account and everything. It really is a great feeling to actually fill in the "business" name at Staples when applying for a frequent rewards card. And I'm set up with all of my office stuff, too. is live again and now has a great storefront. Check me out! Whew it's been a crazy weekend, I'll be back to sort it all out later.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Great weekend! Wait - there's more?!

I have had a great weekend. (hence the title. Great.)

Bought a new mattress on Friday, Simmons Beautyrest. Shopping around for one, I started by asking friends and fellow bloggers/internet denizens what kind they loved. The general consensus was that I should get either a 1) Tempurpedic 2) Sleep Number or 3) something cheap because heck, it's a mattress. Dang, those specialty mattresses are expensive, and we needed quality. We're not getting any younger (at least El Jefe's not). We looked at a Beautyrest Black (ooohhh....aahhhh....) and I was unimpressed. I was more impressed by the name and the fact that it was made of cashmere and alpaca than by the way it felt. So we went a little bit lower. But I'm stoked. It's been ten years, and it's been time for a new mattress for a while.

Thing One had practice on Saturday. It's so nice to see the boys having fun together. El Jefe really enjoys working with the kids, and it's nice to see them getting excercise together. Our jobs take us away from the kiddos so much, it's great to spend time doing stuff that makes everyone happy.

Today we bought MS Office for Mac. I'm stoked. You see, there's a Etsy seller who has designed spreadsheets for other sellers to organize their business, and I am always in serious need of organization. Only problem is that they're for Excel, a program I didn't have until today. I've always been a staunch Apple supporter (Looove my Mac) and I've tried to avoid MS products, mostly because I really had no need. I really use the computer for shopping and surfing and email. But now I need to use it for business, too. So if you're in need of some cool spreadsheets to organize your business stuff (they work well for other home based businesses, too) check out . Super nice guy, very talented. I never thought I'd be so excited about a spreadsheet.

And it's President's Day!! The Plan (yes, capitalized) is to drop Thing 2 off at daycare and take Thing 1 to the Natural History Museum to see the Pompeii exhibit. And probably get breakfast somewhere. Yum.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Craft

I am proud to be attending my first meeting of a new craft mafia familia on Wednesday. (Name left out until the site gets updated!!) I'm soo excited to be going to this meeting. Here's a little of why . . .

Sam had baseball practice this morning. I love watching him play the game. He's so enthusiastic, he's naturally good at the game and he tries so hard. I love to see him run with his friends and know that he's getting out there and doing something good for himself (both the having fun and staying fit parts.) But I just don't fit the Baseball Mom profile (or any other profile, for that matter.) All the other mom's (or a good many of them, anyway) were talking about Cub Scouts, or school, or any number of topics I have no experience with. I know about pressed Czech Glass beads. Brass, and tiny watch tins.

What I AM is a crafter. That's not a profile, we're all so different, but it's a common thread. And I'm so excited to have the opportunity to hang out with other like minded (like in that we're not alike, savvy?) individuals for the night. Yay! I get to bring some of my new stuff (good thing I got that package of new collageable goodies today!) I get to be part of something bigger than myself, bigger than my own personal "buy handmade" movement. Couldn't have come at a better time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Open Letter To The Tagger Under The Grossmont College Overpass

I was actually sad the day they painted over the message someone had left for me. A sweet benefactor, not with money or real estate, but thoughts and love; left me a note. I saw it every afternoon on the last leg of my journey home from work. You are beautiful. the message was so TMBG. So Linnell, so Flansburgh, so Michael Stipe. And then one day, it was gone. Just gray. I understand getting rid of graffiti. But that simple message, stenciled neatly, not sprayed in some cryptic font, never hurt anyone. It wasn't lowering property values or sneaking off of the overpass at night to break windows or deal in drugs or favors. Thank you, dear friend I'll never know, for putting it back up there. I still remember. I am beautiful.