Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slow going, but sure.

Some of the "simplifying" things I have already done:
- Cleaned out my closet. Job one. I now have 2 piles of stuff to go: STUFF TO GIVE and STUFF TO SELL.
(Now I just need to post stuff for sale and call AmVets to donate.)
- Thing Two's in cloth, full time at home. Next is the plunge to get school to ride along with me. It will take a little research and probably another cute wetbag first.
- I have made the kiddo's lists of stuff that they'd like, so that when gift time comes around I can point family there. Hopefully we can avoid having cluttery stuff that they won't use. My goal is to eliminate plastic crap toys and get Thing One some great foundation toys that he loves and will last a while. He loves blocks, and I'm hoping I can get him to help with my crusade. Legos just are not cutting it for him anymore.
- My EarthWise bags came today!! Hooray for being able to carry your groceries on your shoulder instead of with one hand. Yes, they're better for the environment, and yes, they'll stop annoying me and filling up my little recycling bin.... But they look cool! And they're comfy! Hooray!
- We should be signing the lease for another year within the next week or two. Hopefully in that time we'll be able to thnk a little deeper about a big plan. Ideally, I'd like a HOME of my own, but this military thing is difficult to get around. And I have this vision in my head that Southern California just doesn't fit into. Sigh. Slow down, I guess.

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