Sunday, January 20, 2008

Date night in San Diego

Date night is a wonderful thing. El Jefe and I got raises for the new year, and I thought we should spend them on ourselves. Not that we're lacking money spent on ourselves, it just seems like we spend it on singular ourselves. So we used a website called sittercity (totally recommend it) and found a great sitter to hang out with the kiddos. Last night was our first actual "date". Married folks, if you can spare the cash for a sitter once a month or so (we're aiming for twice a month) DO IT!! It felt sooo good to be out eating a nice meal at a little table and just us. No sippy cups, no kid's meals, just us and a little Indian restaurant with great food and a fountain that flowed from the ceiling to the floor. San Diegans, try Bombay. Great food, amazing Naan bread, and Indian food is super Vegetarian friendly. I went out in heels and jewelry (my own designs) and felt Grown-Up for the first time in a long time.

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