Monday, February 18, 2008

Great weekend! Wait - there's more?!

I have had a great weekend. (hence the title. Great.)

Bought a new mattress on Friday, Simmons Beautyrest. Shopping around for one, I started by asking friends and fellow bloggers/internet denizens what kind they loved. The general consensus was that I should get either a 1) Tempurpedic 2) Sleep Number or 3) something cheap because heck, it's a mattress. Dang, those specialty mattresses are expensive, and we needed quality. We're not getting any younger (at least El Jefe's not). We looked at a Beautyrest Black (ooohhh....aahhhh....) and I was unimpressed. I was more impressed by the name and the fact that it was made of cashmere and alpaca than by the way it felt. So we went a little bit lower. But I'm stoked. It's been ten years, and it's been time for a new mattress for a while.

Thing One had practice on Saturday. It's so nice to see the boys having fun together. El Jefe really enjoys working with the kids, and it's nice to see them getting excercise together. Our jobs take us away from the kiddos so much, it's great to spend time doing stuff that makes everyone happy.

Today we bought MS Office for Mac. I'm stoked. You see, there's a Etsy seller who has designed spreadsheets for other sellers to organize their business, and I am always in serious need of organization. Only problem is that they're for Excel, a program I didn't have until today. I've always been a staunch Apple supporter (Looove my Mac) and I've tried to avoid MS products, mostly because I really had no need. I really use the computer for shopping and surfing and email. But now I need to use it for business, too. So if you're in need of some cool spreadsheets to organize your business stuff (they work well for other home based businesses, too) check out . Super nice guy, very talented. I never thought I'd be so excited about a spreadsheet.

And it's President's Day!! The Plan (yes, capitalized) is to drop Thing 2 off at daycare and take Thing 1 to the Natural History Museum to see the Pompeii exhibit. And probably get breakfast somewhere. Yum.

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