Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Craft

I am proud to be attending my first meeting of a new craft mafia familia on Wednesday. (Name left out until the site gets updated!!) I'm soo excited to be going to this meeting. Here's a little of why . . .

Sam had baseball practice this morning. I love watching him play the game. He's so enthusiastic, he's naturally good at the game and he tries so hard. I love to see him run with his friends and know that he's getting out there and doing something good for himself (both the having fun and staying fit parts.) But I just don't fit the Baseball Mom profile (or any other profile, for that matter.) All the other mom's (or a good many of them, anyway) were talking about Cub Scouts, or school, or any number of topics I have no experience with. I know about pressed Czech Glass beads. Brass, and tiny watch tins.

What I AM is a crafter. That's not a profile, we're all so different, but it's a common thread. And I'm so excited to have the opportunity to hang out with other like minded (like in that we're not alike, savvy?) individuals for the night. Yay! I get to bring some of my new stuff (good thing I got that package of new collageable goodies today!) I get to be part of something bigger than myself, bigger than my own personal "buy handmade" movement. Couldn't have come at a better time.

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