Thursday, June 26, 2008

Etsy wonderfulness!

Okay, it's a little long in coming, but I thought I'd blog about a few wonderful Etsy sellers and their wonderful things! I have received a few items lately that have made me very happy, and I want to share my joy (and a few stories.)

First, the very first artist whose original work I had in my collection. If you have never owned an original piece of artwork before I urge you to do so. Buy the painting. Find a place for the sculpture! I agree, that beautiful stained glass will look awesome in your kitchen. Diana Crites is an artist with a tendency towards the dark side of life. No sugar coat for her. Since I stumbled upon her shop, I had my eye on a particular work, a pen and ink of a little girl. But not just any little curly haired girl. Noooo! This one was on fire.

Funny story (now.) When I was 4, I was in my Aunt and Uncle's wedding. I LOVED being a flower girl. Auntie Karen (and yes, I still call her Auntie) made my dress, with it's wonderful yellow sash/ribbon/belt and eyelet lace. I got to carry flowers and be pretty. Then my other Uncle got married. Total letdown. No pretty handmade dress, no basket of flowers, no front table away from mom and dad where I could eat all the veggie dip. And matches at the table! My very own little new box of matches! Ha! Revenge. Until I got burned on the finger, and dropped the match. Needless to say, Diana's pen and ink brought back memories in a flash.

The talent that oozes from this piece is astounding. Seriously, I had no idea it would be this amazing. In her shop paynesgrey, Diana offers several more original ink drawings, and some amazing prints and original paintings. Please, check her out, and seriously consider buying your own original. You won't regret it, especially if you buy from Diana.

I have one of those jobs where I sign a lot of papers all day, and require others to sign them too. If you have a job like this, you know that it is hazardous. I can easily go through five pens in a day if I don't pay attention. Problem is, I love great pens. I love how they feel, how they write, the very weight in your pocket. I used to buy the semi-good Zebras, but I lost them too much to opportunist memo signers. I don't like carrying the cheap ones, even if only to lend out. (Those are in a cup on my desk.) I decided one day that I needed a nice pen. A refillable pen. One that would make me proud, feel nice in my pocket, and most importantly - be memorable. Folks don't steal pens they ask about before they use them. Trust me. So browsing Etsy, I found these.

They are made by an artist named Thom Taylor. I have the Spalted Maple Slimline (The bottom photo) and couldn't be happier. It has never been stolen, feels wonderful, has a wonderful waxed finish and writes like a dream, since it has Cross guts. If you use a writing instrument often, and like the feel of good pens and wonderful artistry, please visit Thom's shop. He goes by the moniker Pilot1022, and has plenty of beautiful offerings.

Whew, okay. I have so many wonderful things to blog about, I think I'll break it up . . . back soon!!

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