Friday, August 15, 2008

The Future of the Fleet

Vintage Number One Teacher Coffee Mug, DoNotDestroy

I've been spending a whole lot of time NOT here, and most of my Facebook and Twitter updates have been that I was studying. I'll probably be MIA for another two weeks or so, and I thought I should explain myself.

My day job is to train sailors on new/replacement skills, specifically maintenance of equipment. I have learned an immense amount abut instruction and learning; and really people in general. Now it's time to move on and become a little more qualified. I'm working on my Master Training Specialist qualification, which will help me to become a better instructor and leader, and the fundamentals of curriculum development. (A side effect of which is that MTS is a easily recognized skill in the corporate world . . .)

"The Navy's MTS program recognizes instructors who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, technical competence, application of instructional methodology, and desire to improve fleet readiness through quality instruction."

It is pages of memorization, and once all of the training is complete, a 3 step process. I passed my test, which was Phase 1. Next is my Pre-board on Monday afternoon, a test of my fundamental knowledge on the subject. When I pass that, I have another week to prepare for my final Board, which is the application process, where I get to create curriculum and teach to demonstrate my ability. So phew, I'm tired. I'm stressed from memorizing instruction numbers and acronyms, and I just want this done. I'm so close.

I'll be back, and probably in a really good mood when this is all over!


Diana said...

wow!!! I am constantly and consistently impressed with you, your goals and your accomplishments. Congratulations on all of your successes. I really look forward to sharing the excitement with you when you pass the final!!! And just think of all the people you will touch, and the impact of the knowledge that you'll be passing on! What a legacy.


ThePeachTree said...

Well it was good to see you for a little while and know that you're ever ambitious!!