Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green Saturday - Eco Friendly Gaming!

Yesterday I was stumped on what to blog about today. I usually have all of my research already done by Saturday, and there's kind of a lot going on in our casa right now, so I hadn't had time. Driving in the car, I asked El Jefe what he thought I should focus on this Saturday. "Well I should think it's pretty obvious!" was his reply.

It wasn't. But he's right, his answer should have been obvious. If you're a gamer (like El Jefe) you know that the first game to get 10's in all categories on is due out on Tuesday. Grand Theft Auto IV is currently the obsession here. And it was the answer. So in honor of the release of GTA4 (and El Jefe's cute funny self) I decided to look into gaming. Seems all is not so green.

Greenpeace, in particular is not happy with Nintendo. They put out this funny video called "Clash Of The Consoles" where you can learn which of the 3 is the worst. Poor little Mario comes out on the bottom. Seems Nintendo is not their favorite.

Floral Series - Wii Skin, NoveltyGallery

Greenpeace is not my favorite. I am a supporter of non-violent protest, letter writing campaigns (I mean who really writes letters anymore?) and telephone calls. GreenPEACE is known for their violent protest clashes. That gives me a bad taste in my mouth. All the same, my first recommendation, before spending that economic stimulus check on a new game console, is to do a little research. Nintendo has an environment section in their FAQ's, Sony has an in depth report page. Microsoft has not much that's easy to locate, but I'm a Mac girl.

And on that note, lets talk a little about that Alienware glowering in the corner. That water cooled processor? It's a big drain on power and probably costs more than you realize every month. Think about treating yourself to a new (and smaller) gaming laptop. This one from Alienware boasts the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor and everything from wallpaper and avatar selections to the proper time zone are personalized just the way you want it, right from the factory. Or maybe you'd be interested in this Vigor Atlantis Pro with a 20" WSXGA+ TFT panel and desktop-class Core 2 Duo processors from INTEL for uncompromised performance. Besides, should you want to actually be in the same ROOM as some of the other members of your 40-man, this is a great way to do it!

Item Block Pillow, punzie

And let's talk about how we get those games, shall we?? Though I am not a gamer in the true geek royalty sense, I enjoy a good romp in my Viva PiƱata garden every once in a while. I bought it at the GameStop here in town. Used. Yes - I went to the store and bought an already played game. This is a great deal! I keep games forever and continue to play them. El Jefe, on the other hand, plays a game until it is totally beaten and then is done. Lately he and his buddy Mr. T have been trading games. I love this plan. This way they don't take up space and someone else gets to enjoy them. So if you are a buy-it-when-it-comes-out gamer, please share with your buds (besides how else can you brag about achievements if they haven't played the game?) And when the bragging is over, take them back to GameStop and let someone like me buy them.

Guitar Hero Embroidery design, ia2ca

Another option for buy-it-play-it-toss-it gamers is GameFly. Like NetFlix for games, you can rent, play through, return, and rent another. Perfect solution, especially for those who don't have a lot of game space. And hey, if you like it, buy it used!! And if you're done with your old console, consider donating it to a Children's Hospital or similar charity. Child's Play, the gamer charity, is always in need of new games, consoles and software for Children's Hospitals around the country.

And please, as always, when you're done playing (and you actually have to go to work or school), please turn your console off. Save your game (hooray for technological innovation) and shut your console OFF. You'll save a lot of power and a little money this way.

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