Wednesday, April 2, 2008

World Travel Wednesday: Japan, Take 1

Japan is a wonderful country. Lots of great people, amazing food, and a culture thousands of years older than my own. There a lot of quirky awesome things about Japan that I particularly love . . . Here's a few.

This is a sign. That much is clear. I don't speak japanese, and I'm even worse at reading it; even when it is in bubbly happy letters. (Japanese speakers, translation would be welcome!) Still, I am relatively sure of what this sign says. And you can bet your bippy that if I had a dog, s/he would not be pooping in that park!

This was lunch, the before version. (Well mostly, I got a little excited and tried a few bits before remembering to snap.) It was very very tasty, and I can assure you, the bowl was almost dry when I was done. What I cannot do, however, is tell you what those purple pinwheel things are. Nor the brownish cylindrical thing in the top right quadrant. (You'll notice that's what I tasted.) I loved it, it was delicious. The Japanese do some amazing things with food. (I also learned that if your friend flaps his arms and says "bok, bok" at a truck stop or street stall, the kind workers will give him something that looks and tastes like chicken after laughing and calling their friends over to see. Mmmm . . . chicken.)

This one ALMOST speaks for itself. Because that's its job. To speak for you when you can't. Now I'm sure that the reason for this card is to assist those of us who have language difficulties, but lets face it. Almost every other country in the world teaches their children English at an early age. It is difficult to find a person in a very developed nation like Japan who cannot understand at least enough English to get an ignorant tourist back to the hotel. But it's REALLY easy to find a drunken sailor when the fleet's in. Huzzah! I'm too drunk to remember the name of my hotel. But wait. Here's the card!

Next week - a different view of Japan.


Diana said...

Oh, Jennie! I absolutely loved taking this tour of Japan with you. I laughed my ass off and enjoyed it thoroughly. And am very grateful that I didn't have to come too close to the mystery bowl (I can't do seafood, can't).

More, please!!!


JLC Studio said...

Ha ha...that card is classic!! What a great idea! Love your post and can't wait to see the next installment!