Thursday, July 17, 2008


So . . .I've caved. I signed up on Facebook a while ago so I could talk to my cousin who quit myspace. I went there recently to visit my cousin and found a message from a high school friend. Enter a world I didn't expect. The one where everyone seems to have grown up and they all seem really cool again. Sigh. Growing up is so wierd. But . . . I found a few cool blogs along the way! Mark has Songs From a Mixtape, and the other Mark has Chronicle of a Gay Marriage . I think I've pimped them before, but seriously, check out The Bullet Points. And Herman. Jay (and Neal, who probably still thinks I'm a psycho) are geniuses. And Check out for the ramblings of Sarah. Craziness that high school was that long ago.

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Diana said...

Dude. I am still having nightmares about high school. Constantly. I just had one last night, in fact.

You've just scared me away from Facebook for good!

I was thinking of joining, to promote my Etsy shop and to chat with some friends, but now with the thought of the high school goon squad finding me, I'm not even thinking of thinking of opening that door!

My name has changed twice since then. Maybe no one will ever find me...