Sunday, July 27, 2008


This has been a tattoo-riffic weekend. In the fine tradition of my sailor heritage, I have quite a few tattoos. I'm a collector of sorts. They chronicle my personal journey; life changing events. Here is the latest.

It is an illustration from Thing Two's favorite children's book when she was small - Goodnight Moon. Framed by the window is the moon and an Apollo CSM. On the CSM are the roman numerals IX XI. All of these things have meaning somehow or another, but here's the general breakdown of this one.

Thing Two loves Goodnight Moon. This is HER tattoo. Also, the IX XI on the CSM are her birthdate.

El Jefe and Thing One are Space Geeks. They are fascinated by the space race, and you often see either (or both) of them watching the science channel's many space shows. Space week was like a holiday here. I promised El Jefe long, long ago that I would never have his name or likeness tattooed. And I will keep my word. But he is my command module, unable to do anything, but keeping a close eye on me at all times and dispensing careful advice. And now I have that analogy forever with me.


organidog said...

Goodnight Moon in a tattoo- brilliant. What a wonderful work of art.

tattytiara said...

Wonderful composition and beautiful sentiment. Excellent tat all around!

Sandra Williams said...

That is a really cool tattoo! Goodnight Moon was one of my fav books to read to my son.

Diana said...

Hey! That's a GREAT tattoo!!! I love it. The color and the work is great. And what an inventive design!!! I had no idea you were an ink aficionado. (I am, too, as you might remember.)

Btw, my kids and I love Yo Gabba Gabba too! But for slightly different reasons. It's always amazing to me when I can drool over some musicians while my kids are being entertained by big costumed characters at the same time.