Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Matchy, matchy!!

I have never been one who coordinates well. I have always wished that I coud look put together and matchy - you know the girls with the matching bag/keychain/wallet combo? Of course it's always expensive, and I've given up expensive handbags for more quantity. And I prefer to support craftsmanship over a big company.

I'm pretty sure I just hit the jackpot! BizzieLizzie, one of the craftswomen in the Handbook to Handmade, has the cutest coordinated handbags! She makes everything from bags to buisness car holders to tissue cases, and all in coordinating colors. And they're affordable! I love this blue pattern . . .

Charlotte makes the prettiest bags and pays special attention to detail. Looking for a custom piece? Just ask! Her shop is merely a click away! I am so excited to see her wonderful work in the upcoming Handbook to Handmade!

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Diana said...

I have never been a girlie girl. I don't have the skill nor the rudimentary ability to match, let alone get the season right. So thanks for introducing me to this amazing seller! What a great idea, and what beautiful products!!!

I see you've been busy blogging! Lucky me, I get to do some back reading and catch up.

If you keep spoiling me like with this post, I won't have to think at all... thank you! :)


P.S. I've missed you!