Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm so excited!

One of the sellers on Etsy, a talented metalsmith(TimothyAdam), has come up with a great idea. I have wanted a portfolio for some time, but wasn't quite sure how to put one together or whether I really had enough depth in my work to pull one off. That's still planned for later, but meanwhile, check out this great book! Called The Handbook to Handmade, it features 35 artists and their shops, showcasing their favorite items and a short description of their work, their vision - anything! It's all bound professionally and is a wonderful advertising tool. I can't wait to see my work in print and to have something to show off on those occasions when it's just not a great idea to carry all of my jewelry. There are still slots available, and if you're not quite ready yet, there's advertising space available, too! If you are a small business who has a shop on Etsy and are in need of a little something to carry around (and want to showcase some other great talent, too . . .) try the Handbook!


tattytiara said...

Woah, there's a clever dude!

zJayne said...

Great blogging.. will come back later to see more. I too am looking forward to this classy book!
New altered art will be submitted.

Volume 7 for me too!

Shannon said...

Hi:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hee hee glad you are enjoying the travel quiz:) They are so addicting.

Great blog and beautiful etsy shop!