Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ahh! I've been tagged!!

Thanks Callooh Callay for tagging me! (She has the coolest slithiest blog ever!) Now (by law, apparently) I have to tell you seven random and personal things about me and pass it on to others. Here's the skinny!

1) It took me seven tries to get my Driver's license in Massachusetts. Failures included running a stop sign, hitting a snowbank and my dad talking to me during my test. (He still feels bad.) Three years later it only took me one try in California. And I have a Motorcycle license too. Look out world!!

2) I collect hobbies. Our computer nook/craft area has become a haven for all of my failed projects. I'm glad I love the jewelry so much, but I wonder now what to do with all of my fabric, paper goods and assorted unfinished projects.

3) I'm addicted to the internet. I tried "weaning" myself for New Year's, but failed. All I found were different sites to chat with different people. I ALWAYS have at least 2 windows open at a time and I must check CNN and Fark 5 times a day at least.

4) I have a cat who is in serious need of a check-up and grooming (she's a fat maine coon who is too big to reach her own back.) I know she needs a haircut, and El Jefe grumbles about the fur constantly, but I can't get off my butt to do it. She definitely plays third fiddle to the kids.

5) I live two blocks away from a small municipal airport and down the flight line. Sometimes at night when planes are flying low over the house waiting to land, I'll jump out of bed to make sure they're not going to hit the house. I'm not sure what my plan is, it's not like I'm going to stop a Beechcraft with my mind.

6) I'm an atheist and apparently this is a christian part of town. It wasn't an issue before, but now that I have kids in school it comes up more than I would like. It almost makes me ashamed to be who I am and that makes me sad. I'm also sad for my kids.

7) I'm a coffee addict. Starbucks or anything, just Maxwell House every morning at least. I bought Toasted Marshmallow syrup at the Bullseye Boutique in the $1 Spot to liven up Sundays; when I make my own at home. If you take nothing else from this blog - take this. Don't buy coffee syrup for $1 at Target.

I tag Kerry, Weird Bug Lady, and Sheila. Al folks I would like to know a little more about. This was fun!! Thanks, Callooh Callay! Oh frabjous day!



Callooh Callay said...

This is great! I totally relate to the hobby thing--I have way too much in the way of supplies for things I may never get to (but some I've saved over the years I'm happy to have now). Also, on being an atheist: My kids may have had a weird moment or two about it, but now that they're teenagers they thank us all the time for not making them go to church! Don't be ashamed; I bet there are more out there than you think.

Dharma Designs said...

Great blog! I enjoyed the 7 random facts! :-)

Sheila said...

Thanks, Jenny! I've never been tagged but I did it! Fun!

Oh yeah, I do the same thing you do with the airplanes. You're not alone!


Plaidfuzz said...

LOL, at stopping the planes with your mind. ;)

kerry kaye said...

Aww I want to see a photo of your fat kitty!! I LOVE cats and it sounds super cute!!