Friday, March 28, 2008

An open letter to my blog . . .

Dear disjointed thoughts (though this is neither a thought nor a musing, but closer to the former),

I am sorry if you feel that I have abandoned you. I have not, and am in fact researching tomorrow's Green Saturday as I type. Let me lay it out. Weeklong trip to Texas to see the in-laws. (Wonderful people, mind you, I love them Very much.) I love my In-Laws so much, in fact, that well, I didn't have time. I only see them every year and 1/2 or so, last time Thing Two was 2 months old, she's 19 months old now. Dad had the flu. Now El Jefe has the flu. Thing Two has some kind of crud. Thing One has a new Xbox 360 game from Great Grandma and is camped out in the TV room. I was just busy. I went back to work today. Whoa. Crazy how things can go downhill in only 8 days. So many fires to put out, so little time. Sigh. See you tomorrow!

- missfire

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