Wednesday, March 12, 2008

World Travel Wednesday

Today we go to Hong Kong, probably my favorite place to visit in Asia. Hong Kong is a wonderful city with absolutely everything to do, and people of every country to share the experience with. Lots and LOTS of people. So many that there is a large floating city in Aberdeen Harbour that you can tour. (On a boat, and only after negotiating a good price with the tour guide!) Aberdeen Harbour also boasts the Jumbo floating restaurant, a tourist must-see! (Click for bigger pictures!)

Within the floating city are many different kinds of boats, each a home and workplace for a family. This family is drying their cuttlefish catch on the roof.

This is a favorite shot from Aberdeen that day and reminded me of home. I wanted to go pet him!

Hope you enjoyed our little trip, and come back next week and see where else we go!

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woolies said...

OK, So I need to know what your job is, or how you get to travel around the world!!! come to my blog and tell me!!!
Hong Kong looks amazing.