Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green Saturday - Earth Friendly Bags!

Every time I go to the store, I see branded, earth friendly cloth bags. Everybody's doing it- it must be in! The green movement is on the rise, and it's cool to be seen with your reusable bags; but who wants a cool bag with bullseye boutique logo on it?? Or Wally world? Heck no! Today let's explore the wonderful world of reusable bags!

First (of course) my bags - EarthWiseBags! I prefer the green basic bags, myself, but they now carry collectible Simpson's bags, too! Why do I love my EarthWise bags? They're the perfect size for the back of my car (a Scion xB 1st gen), the handles are jut the right size for throwing over my shoulder and carrying heavy groceries upstairs, and they're GREEN! So everyone knows just how trendy I am!

Next are Morsbags. Why do Morsbags rock? They're reusable bags made with recycled/upcycled materials by other socially conscious individuals! Here's their blurb:
let’s do something positive to reduce the hideous number of plastic bags being used - 1 million are consumed per minute globally - of which hundreds of thousands end up in the oceans.

the idea is to get together with people in your local community, drink wine and make reusable cloth bags (from old duvet covers, curtains from charity shops etc) and hand them out to the unsuspecting public for free on specified dates outside different supermarkets.

meet new people, do something marvellous for the planet and beat other pods (groups) of baggers with your morsbag tally.

go to to be a part of a wonderful thing!

p.s. non-commercial/ non-profitable - just full of beneficial things for everyone, especially whales!

A great resource for reusable bags, EcoBags has it all. Whether you're looking for a string bag for produce, or a simple cloth bag with handles, they've got it. You can also pick up a SIGG drinking bottle for those hot treks from the farmer's market with your loot! I especially like their produce bags, much better than those thin plastic bags they give you at the store. Made of lightweight Natural or Organic cotton, they make great gift bags, too.

There are also LOTS of wonderful reusable bags on Etsy like these canvas totes from RedPaperRecord with a gentle funny message handprinted on them. Another favorite are these produce bags in ripstop nylon from kootsac perfect for all of the bulk flour and grains.

And if you buy from Etsy, you're buying homemade and supporting small business! Cloth bgs are great for the environment AND your image. I hope you find some that fit for YOU!

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